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As a chiropractic office, we do not twist and crack necks. We utilize a variety of high and low-force moves to remove verbal subluxations from the spine and clear the organ systems of the body.

As doctors, we approach the body from a spiritual, psychological, and physical base. In regards to illness, we have found in our years of practice that there are many spiritual and emotional issues that affect our health. When I adjust the spine and clear the physical structure, I also balance the energetic side of a person. Thus, having an overall positive effect on the quality of one's life. Some techniques used involve craniosacral therapy.

What is vertebral subluxation?

When stress is experienced, your body's inner wisdom strives to adapt and change so its defense mechanisms can maintain a high level of resistance. However, when such stress overwhelms your body's natural defenses, it can cause your spinal bones to shift. That can result in an abnormal or "out of balance" structure. The bones are said to be "subluxated."

If this condition is not corrected, your organs and glands cannot function properly, and this can create abnormal body chemistry, disease, and accelerated deterioration - even early death! Vertebral subluxation is commonly referred to as "the silent killer," because there are usually no early warning symptoms.

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